About Us


One way to describe Mower Parts & Supply is the “rebirth” of the original Northwest Lawnmower Service.

Northwest Lawnmower Service was located at 5602 Pinemont near Antoine from 1972 until 2007.

It is managed by the Tankersley family. We are native Houstonians from the Heights, Garden Oaks and Oak Forest communities.  All of us siblings graduated from Scarborough High School.

Northwest Lawnmower Service was started by Bill and Arlene Tankersley.  During the Houston “boom” years of the 1970s, Northwest Lawnmower, next to Walker and Son Schwinn Bicycles serviced the widespread and fast growing northwest Houston communities of Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Forest West, Inwood Forest, Candelight Oaks and Shepherd Park. We were considered to be one of the most progressive operators in the business at the time.  We were also one of the first shops in Houston to represent Echo, Honda and Stihl.  Northwest Lawnmower was a committed Toro, Lawn Boy and Snapper dealer as well.

In 1980, we acquired the well-established “Oak Forest Lawnmower and Bicycle” located at 1735 West 34th Street at Ella Boulevard, founded in 1962. Eliminating bicycles so as not to compete with the Walkers, the shop was renamed “Power Lawn Equipment Company” and operated until 1985.

Both Northwest Lawnmower Service and Walker Bicycles were sold in the late 90s and continued until around 2007.

As we opened Mower Parts & Supply in October 2011, the objective was to resurrect the family business to serve as a source of income, retirement, training ground and possible future careers for the family.  We believe we have brought a needed service back to the community and are growing again during the resurgence of the Oak Forest / Spring Branch / Heights area.

Much has changed in the world over the last 40 years and a wise man once said “…you can never do anything AGAIN but you can do something SIMILAR…”  At Mower Parts & Supply, we are striving to do our best to change with the times, yet keep the same customer-focus and quality service that kept us in business before.